I'm really excited about this campaign and I'm committed to implement the following initiatives to improve the lives of Dauphin County residents:
1. Improve the Office of the Treasurer's service offerings with one-stop-shop and streamlined processes, whether it is online or at the office. But we do have a good number of senior citizens and people with disability who reside in the county, and I intend to bring Treasurer's services at select locations throughout the county.
2. Reduce property tax delinquency by conducting more informational sessions on property tax discounts offered by the County, the Statewide veterans' exemptions programs available to those who served our country, and promote all available financial assistance facilities, and other outreach programs.
3. Increase tax collection efficiency by improving the internal processes at the Treasurer's Office and at the County, and by working closely with other municipal and other tax collectors.
Finally, I commit to providing Dauphin County residents with the best possible customer service at the Treasurer's Office by taking YOUR calls on property tax and other Treasurer's Office concerns. I have listened and continuing to listen, took notes, and logged your concerns these past few weeks while knocking on your doors and walking your streets. I'm looking forward to serving all of YOU!