Fred is committed to improving the Dauphin County Treasurer's services and make it easier for the County's residents to transact with the office online, in person and remotely. He plans to:
Streamline Treasurer Services
Harness his expertise in Information Technology to improve services at the Treasurer's Office by implementing one-stop shop processing online or in the office. He also plans on bringing the services closer to the people who are far from Downtown Harrisburg by conducting remote office days in various locations across the County.
Implement Community Outreach Programs
Conduct outreach sessions across the County to ensure residents are aware of the tax credits for first-time home buyers, the property tax discount window, property tax rebates for veterans and other eligible individuals, available financial help for those in need, and any other Treasurer's Office services.
Improve Property Tax Collection Efficiency
Collaborate with the Municipal Tax Collectors and other taxing entities to increase property and hotel tax collection efficiency that will help fully fund various County programs and help reduce tax delinquency to prevent unnecessary loss of homes.