Janis Creason October 12, 2023
Longtime Dauphin County Treasurer Janis Creason, who served from 2008 until her retirement in January 2023, has issued a recommendation for Fred Faylona to replace her, saying:
"Fred Faylona is a highly qualified individual with a strong dedication to serving our community. With his extensive experience in finance and IT, he possesses all the qualities required to excel in the role of county treasurer."
"What sets Fred apart is his non-partisan approach towards the position. The County Treasurer's role should prioritize fiscal responsibility and unbiased decision-making, regardless of political affiliation. He understands the importance of serving the best interests of our county."
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Commissioner Frank Lynch October 12, 2023
Longtime Susquehanna Township Board of Commissioners President Frank Lynch, Commissioner Fred Faylona's colleague and mentor on the Township Board of Commissioners, has endorsed Fred's candidacy for Dauphin County Treasurer and wrote that he “is not only a dedicated and energetic representative of his constituents, he brings deep knowledge and fiscal prudence to his service on Susquehanna Township’s budget committee. Fred will make an outstanding Treasurer for Dauphin County."
PA State Rep. Dave Madsen October 12, 2023
Pennsylvania State Rep. Dave Madsen, 104th House District, has endorsed Fred Faylona's candidacy for Dauphin County Treasurer, who said that "Fred will be a transformative leader who will be bring new ideas and be a voice for the next generation."
Turn South Central PA Blue August 23, 2023
Turn South Central PA Blue (Turn SCPA Blue) supports Democratic candidates in Cumberland & Dauphin Counties, endorsing quality people running competitive campaigns in winnable local races, and has endorsed Fred Faylona for Dauphin County Treasurer, along with nine other County and local campaigns totaling 21 candidates in the 2023 Municipal Election.
Dauphin County Democrats March 13, 2023
The Dauphin County Democratic Party endorsed Fred Faylona for Dauphin County Treasurer for the May 16th Primary Election.